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BarberPlus: Best salon in Alliston with affordable hair treatment & Styling Services

Barber Plus Working philosophy

Hey folk are you looking for best salon in alliston? we at Barber Plus (Salon in Alliston) do believe in beauty with the proper conscience. At Barber Plus Salon we offer the highest quality hair services which will be healthy for your hairs. The services offered by the highly professional staff.

The interior environment of the Salon is also good for staff and guests. Along with the services, the BarberPlus Hair Salon in Alliston carries the high-quality professional hair products in order to provide the best looks to our guest. The hair products carried in the salon is carefully chosen which is based on performance and eco-sensitivity.

At BarberPlus, a clean and tidy air salon, we offer color service which is ammonia-free and having no or less chemical emanation and scent properties. These products cause no damage to the hairs and quite healthier alternative to the regular coloring practices. This coloring is also safe and healthier for the expectant mothers and for those who face some allergies or are scent sensitivities.

Undoubtedly, our working philosophy works a lot. Our executive staff is committed to providing the healthy hair care treatment. Come and see what we can do to give you a new look.

So, we warmly welcome you to the one of the best Salon in Alliston the BarberPlus, a place where you will get the best services by highly qualified and professional staff. So, make a mind to move with trendy hairs, book an appointment with BarberPlus Salon in Alliston, set your hours, pick up a style and get boomed.

Our Services

What BarberPlus Do

The BarberPlus Salon in Alliston offers a wide variety salon treatments & styling service by a team of professional beautician and stylist, everything in clean & tide air environment.

Hair Designs

Service Price

Women’s Haircut Starts from $59 & Up

Men’s Haircut Starts from $49 & Up

Children’s Haircut Age up to 12 & Under 12 Starts

from $45 & Up

Chemical Services

Service Price

Tint (Just Base Only) Starts from $40

End Refresh Additional Starts from $20

Highlights Starts from $114 and Up

Glazing Starts from $59 & Up

Balayage Starts from $225 & Up

Color Correction Starts from$74 & Up

Brazilian Blowout Starts from @255 & Up

Styling Services

Service Price

Up do Starts from $64 & Up

Blowout Starts from $44 & Up

Special style Starts from $59 & Up

Add-on Services

Service Price

SunKissing Starts from $69 & Up

Face Frame Highlights Starts from $49 & Up

Lowlight Starts from $34 & Up

Treatment Starts from $29 & Up

Additional Color Starts from $10 & Up

Eyebrow Tint Starts from $11 & Up

Beard, Neck, Starts from $11 & Up

Band Tring Each

Scalp Massage Starts from $20 & Up

Scalp Massage Starts from $35 & Up

with Treatment

Barber Plus Budget Prices

Services Price

Women’s Haircut Start from $131 & Up

Men’s Haircut Start from $94 & Up

Highlights/Lowlights Start from $181 & Up

Tint/Glaze Start from $94 & Up

Color Correction (Consultation)

Shampoo Blow Out Start from $54 & Up

Special Occasion styling Start from $95 & Up


Services Price

Traditional Makeup Start from $85


Special Start from $95

Occasion Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Services Price

Eyebrows Start from $450

Eyeliner Start from $450

Lip Color Start from $400

Full Lip With Line r Start from $650

Scar Camouflage Start from $450

Eyelash Extensions Start from $222

Eyelash Extension Refill Start from $80 & Up


Service Price

Eyebrow Wax Start from $35

Chin Wax Start from $10

Full Face Wax Start from $10

Lip Wax Start from $10

Side Burns Start from $15

Eyebrow Tint Start from $20

Lash Tint Start from $11

Eyebrow Tint Start from $10

Add On

For Wedding Inquiries

Are you planning a wedding in Alliston? Don’t forget Barber Plus which is best hair salon in Alliston. Then celebrate your special day of life with us. For wedding and big parties, we can start earlier than 10 am if required and on Saturday most of our stylist on weekend, only 2 or 3 stylists available that’s why it will be difficult for us to manage big parties on Saturday. Other than Saturday our full staff available.

Feel free for Bridal Booking contact us ar https://www.barberplus.ca/ in working hours.

About BarberPlus Salon in Alliston

BarberPlus Salon is one of the best and cheapest Salon in Alliston. The authority welcomes you to enjoy the unique, neat & clean salon experience with fine quality services. At the BarberPlus Hair Salon, our primary focus on the long-term customer relationships and we pride on that. We love to customize the approach to fulfill your own needs and desires. Whether it is for makeup or hair styling, our highly qualified staff is committed to serving you with the best quality standards of BarberPlus Salon. Our success if your satisfaction, we warmly welcome you to the BarberPlus, best Saloon in Alliston.

Our premium quality services have good local fame and praised well in hair and beauty styling. BarberPlus is one of the cheapest Salon in Alliston. The prices of services are very low and highly affordable. The owner of the BarberPlus has dedicated his life to the haircare and has selected the staff which is professionally trained and qualifies. The whole staff is passionate enough about the services they offered and they also participate in regular domain education and training session in order to perfect themselves in hairs craft. Such a level of professionalism inviting you to the styling palace the BarberPlus.

Meta Description – BarberPlus is one of the best and cheapest hair salon in Alliston. If you are looking for a cheap and good Salon in Alliston for your wedding then BarberPlus is one of the top-rated Salon in Alliston.




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23 Young St, Alliston, ON L9R 1B5, Canada

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